At the end of October 2023, the CCR&R agencies collaborated together to quickly conduct a survey of regulated group child care centers to show the capacity gaps in our state and region:

4-C sends Business Information Form (BIF) surveys each year to child care providers in our eleven county service delivery area in order to gather the most accurate information about wages, rates, benefits and enrollments. This data helps us to create early childhood reports for community decision-making, advocacy efforts, and brings awareness to the needs of the child care profession.

Thank you to those who completed your 2023 BIF! These past years have shown us just how critical the child care sector is and how essential child care programs are to our communities.
Please click on the links below to access the most recent early childhood data reports for the corresponding county.

Reports for previous years can be accessed here.

2022 Data

4-C assisted with the DCF Cost of Care survey in the Spring of 2022. Here are the links to those published reports:

2021 Data

2020 Data

2019 Data

2018 Data

2017 Data

2016 Data

Annual Reports