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Developmental screening can be a wonderful way to engage families and provide an excellent framework for conversation about development with parents.  4-C can provide you with ASQs for the children in your care and technical support in dissemination, collection and following up with families with the results.

For Dane, Sauk, and Grant County Providers:

4-C is offering a FREE  opportunity to support the full implementation of the Ages & Stages Questionnaire. Offered support includes: Written policy assistance; templates for sharing with families via email, social media, & program publications; on-site time to guide families in completing and supporting staff in follow-up. 

The benefits of implementing ASQ in a child care program.

As a child care professional, you know how important it is to regularly check children’s development. Here are just a few reasons why child care programs like yours trust the easy to use, parent-completed ASQ for their developmental screenings.

ASQ helps with NAEYC accreditation and QRIS. Developmental screening is especially critical if, like many child care programs across the country, you’re seeking NAEYC accreditation or participating in a quality rating and improvement system (QRIS). You’ll need to show that your program is conducting regular developmental screenings—and you’ll want to be sure you’re using the very best screener available. Using a valid, highly reliable screening tool like ASQ is an important step toward higher QRIS scores in many states.

ASQ is parent-completed. Studies show that parents’ observations of their children are excellent predictors of developmental delays. Since ASQ is a parent-completed tool, it makes the most of families’ in-depth knowledge and helps them become active partners in the screening process.

It is easy for you to use, too. You can also complete ASQ to pinpoint children’s strengths and help identify children with developmental or social-emotional concerns. ASQ questionnaires are easy for busy child care professionals to complete. They’re fast and reader-friendly, and the tips and illustrations help you give the most accurate responses.

ASQ is family friendly, with fun learning activities. The ASQ system includes fun, simple, and inexpensive learning activities that you can use with kids during the day and parents can use at home. The activities cover the same five developmental areas screened with ASQ and help children progress in areas of concern.

It is culturally sensitive and appropriate. Not only is ASQ®-3 the most reliable, valid developmental screener available, it’s also been thoroughly reviewed for cultural sensitivity. Illustrations, wording, and examples in the ASQ-3 questionnaires have been refined according to user feedback, so parents of diverse backgrounds can give the most accurate responses.

It improves partnerships with families. ASQ makes it easy to share children’s strengths with families, which helps you improve your rapport with parents. With ASQ, parents also have an easy way to learn about developmental milestones and actively encourage their child’s progress.

ASQ helps you learn even more about child development. With ASQ’s clear picture of developmental norms at specific age intervals, you’ll expand and deepen your own knowledge about age-appropriate milestones.

If you are a family child care provider and want to request ASQs for the children in your care, please click here to access the form in English and here to access the form in Spanish. Or, you can also fill out the same form below.

Family Child Care Provider ASQ Request Form

*Please make a note below if you would like any of the requested ASQs in Spanish. / Anote a continuación si desea alguna de las ASQ solicitadas en inglés.*

For Group Center Child Care Programs

Implementation of annual developmental screening qualifies as a YoungStar point (B.3.3). 4-C can offer training, support and guidance in this practice. Please contact the 4-C Training and Quality Improvement Services Department to inquire about technical support and training opportunities.

For additional information, please contact:

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