Leadership Team

Brianne Heidke
Brianne HeidkeHealth and Safety Services Manager
Marlo Mielke-Barnes
Marlo Mielke-BarnesInterim Executive Director
 Rebecca Strome
Rebecca StromeBusiness Manager

Front Desk Staff

Myra Hernandez
Myra HernandezFront Desk Specialist

Certification Staff

Brianne Heidke
Brianne HeidkeHealth and Safety Services Manager
Hana Ehlert
Hana EhlertCertification Specialist/Pre-Licensing Technical Consultant
Michelle Moore
Michelle MooreCertification Specialist / Pre-Licensing Technical Consultant / Business Child Care Advocate
Krisia Pagan
Krisia PaganBilingual Administrative Assistant
Wanda Rodriguez
Wanda RodriguezBilingual Certification Specialist

Food Program Staff

Brianne Heidke
Brianne HeidkeHealth and Safety Services Manager
Bette Miller
Bette Miller CACFP Administrative Assistant
 Jan Howe
Jan HoweNutrition Specialist
Robin Hunter
Robin HunterNutrition Specialist
Wanda Rodriguez
Wanda RodriguezBilingual Nutrition Specialist
Mary Schott
Mary SchottNutrition Specialist

Training & Quality Improvement Staff (TQIS)

Jessica Bowden
Jessica BowdenTraining Coordinator
Amanda Ehlert
Amanda EhlertYoungStar Coordinator
Emily Ewoldt
Emily EwoldtEarly Childhood Specialist
Sharon Holtz
Sharon HoltzEarly Childhood Specialist
Briana Kurlinkus
Briana KurlinkusEarly Childhood Trainer
Lisa Jones
Lisa JonesEarly Childhood Trainer
Francelia Lara
Francelia LaraEarly Childhood Specialist
Elisa Martinez
Elisa MartinezEarly Childhood Specialist
Cassie Valdez
Cassie ValdezEarly Childhood Specialist
Sara O'Brien
Sara O'BrienEarly Childhood Specialist
Andrea Riley
Andrea RileyEarly Intervention Specialist
Caroline Smith
Caroline SmithTQIS Administrative Asst
Jenny Sweeney
Jenny SweeneyEarly Childhood Specialist
Bonnie Winkofsky
Bonnie WinkofskyEarly Childhood Specialist

Community Resource Staff

Kaiti Bohacek
Kaiti BohacekFamily Support Specialist
 Christie Voigt
Christie VoigtData Specialist
 Nicole Wyss
Nicole WyssCommunity Resource Specialist

Board of Directors

The role of the 4-C Board of Directors is to set general goals and policies for 4-C. If you are interested in further information on the 4-C Board of Directors please email [email protected].

Chair: Ashley Matthys
Vice Chair: Christine Wittleder
Treasurer: Jacob Peters
Secretary: Elizabeth Stinebaugh
Bob Davis
Paul Lang
Kim Mullvain