4-C works with employers, child care centers, government officials, legislators and other community members to:

  • Provide annual data reports and statistical information on the current status of child care

  • Promote information on the current trends of child care availability in the 11 county 4-C service delivery area

  • Educate local partners and the community about child care issues and enlist their support in our mission to improve the quality of child care

  • Offer valuable information that can aid in program planning

A teacher sits at a table with her students to practice their alphabet letters

4-C offers a wide range of services addressing the unique needs of parents and caregivers, employers, child care and education professionals. Quality child care is a community effort. Child care planning inquiries can be directed to [email protected].

You may access statewide child care statistics such as need and availability from Child Care Aware. 4-C can assist you with regional information within the eleven county 4-C service delivery area.

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