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4-C programs and initiatives require resources to support them. We invite you to support 4-C and its dedication toward making an impact on children via the following donation and volunteer opportunities. These gifts allow 4-C to continue to work to improve the local early care and education system.

A teacher helps her Kindergarten student find a page in his book during class reading time

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A teacher sits at a table in the classroom with three toddlers during snack time


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  • Two children are outdoors running and laughing. Superimposed is text reading "Ways to Embrace the Outdoors in Early Childhood" along with the logo, "4-C Helping communities help children"
  • A group of children laughing and running with the title stating "Embracing the Outdoors in Early Childhood" with a logo stating "4-C helping communities help children"

Embracing the Outdoors

June 1st, 2022|0 Comments

June 2022 - Published by 4-C Nature captures our attention in new and exciting ways that can lead to adventure, especially for young children. Outdoor walks can be a new opportunity for children to learn [...]