Parent Cafés are research based, proven models developed by Be Strong Families. Parent Cafés engage parents/caregivers in meaningful conversations about what matters most – their family and how to strengthen that family by building protective factors. Parent Café series are three sessions in length and are offered in the evenings or on weekends to accommodate working parents/caregivers. Through the Parent Café sessions, parents and caregivers share concerns related to raising their children, the community or job loss, and the need for socialization with other parents going through similar situations that can provide a positive influence and support in their lives. The Parent Café structure includes a full family style meal and child care for all participants at each session.

Parent Cafés:

  • Offer a systematic means to engage parents in meaningful conversations around the Strengthening Families Five Protective Factors that research has demonstrated mitigate the negative effects of trauma, reduce abuse and neglect among children, encourage parents and caregivers to become more involved in their child’s development, and encourage parents and caregivers to seek support for a number of different barriers that they experience. All of these changes lead to greater outcomes for children.

  • Create lasting change in the community by empowering caregivers as the structure of the program supports caregivers to assume a parent host role. Creating a network of support for parents and families to discuss and increase their confidence and knowledge of child development is priceless. Children will be better supported at home, increasing their rate of academic and social emotional success.

Image shows a mixed-race family with two moms and two children interacting at a table with a tablet, notebook, and laptop.

Organizations and communities interested in working with 4-C to facilitate a Parent Café series can contact 4-C at [email protected].