Throughout Your Home

Throughout Your Home

Check cords that are frayed, cut or located where children could easily pull heavy objects on to themselves (lamps, irons, etc.).

Electrical cords should not run under rugs or across door ways.

Closets should be free of hazards or locked so inaccessible to children.

Door knob covers are recommended for any room children should not have access to.

Make sure that all painted surfaces are free of chipping or peeling paint. If not, they should be sanded down to a smooth surface and repainted.

pdfPoisonous plants should be removed from the home or kept in a place inaccessible to children.

Safety outlet plugs should be installed in all rooms children have access to.

Doors inside the home should be able to be opened from both sides. If the bathroom door can be locked from the inside by a child it should be able to be unlocked from the outside.

Fish aquariums must be out of reach and placed on a sturdy surface that may not be easily tipped.

Firearms and ammunition must be locked and out children’s reach. Ammunition should be stored separately from the firearm.

Follow a regular schedule for cleaning toys, high chairs, table tops and potty chairs.

Cleaning supplies should be locked or inaccessible to children.