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Name: Mary Niec
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Posted 06/07/2019
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Job Description To Apply: All applicants should apply with an expected start date ofJuly 5or sooner if desired. An orientation period and training will follow. Interested parties should submit a resume, cover letter, unofficial transcripts and three references. Collaborative Atmosphere: At University Avenue Discovery Center, our pursuit is to emphasize equality, solidarity, emotional literacy, and exploration of the arts within our classrooms and surrounding community. Our classrooms have above average staff-to-child ratios, we offer a competitive wage and benefits package and work to foster a supportive community of educators. We are currently looking to extend our educator staff with a preschool teacher for our Buckaroo Classroom that starts at age 2 year 9 months to 4 years old. Our preschool mixed-age classroom consists of three full-time teachers and a teaching assistant for support. We have a 1:7 teacher to child ratio in this room. This is a permanent, full-time position after passing a 3-month probationary period. This position is supervised by the Executive Director and is represented by the UADC Executive Board. Compensation is based on education and experience, but would be approximately $14-$18. Benefits: Health Insurance and Dental 100% Holidays - Permanent employees will be paid for the following holidays per fiscal year: Spring Break for one week, Winter Break for two weeks, Friday following Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, July 4, Memorial Day, Martin Luther King Day Paid Time Off (PTO) starting at 15 days per year and earning 5 additional days every 3 years of employment. Free Parking. Job Qualifications: An ideal candidate will have a Registry Level of 11 or higher, knowledge of the NAEYC Code of Ethics, Wisconsin Early Model Learning Standards, State Licensing, City Accreditation standards, NAEYC standards, experience providing developmentally appropriate learning activities, and solid classroom management skills. Professionalism, flexibility, ability to work within a team, and a sense of humor are all musts for this position. Associates or Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Child Development, Early Childhood Special Education, or a related field with at least 36 credits in education. At least one year of experience teaching in a preschool classroom. Complete a Criminal Background Disclosure and fingerprinting with no criminal violations or offenses substantially related to the care of children. Medical examination and Tb test by a licensed physician indicating no illness that might be detrimental to the welfare of children. Job Description: Demonstrate and articulate theoretical and practical knowledge of research and public policy regarding early childhood development and education. Work under the supervision of Executive Director and are considered to be responsible for the planning and execution of developmentally appropriate curricular content that addresses the individual needs of children within the group setting. Provide a stimulating, caring, and safe environment for children in the classroom. Effective verbal and written skills in communication with the teaching team, parents, and the Executive Director. Lead Teachers will use good judgment in both multiple task and high stress situations. Lead teachers will be able to administer medications, CPR and first aid, and handle emergency situations such as evacuations. Understanding of family issues and cultural diversity and how they impact the development of the child. Clear understanding and practice of using positive social-emotional problem solving strategies. Work cooperatively with team teachers and share in and delegate specific and general work tasks to the teaching assistants. Specific tasks include, but are not limited to, the following: Areas of Responsibility: Caring for children On both a long-term and a short-term basis, plan for and implement appropriate curriculum, daily schedules and a stimulating environmental setting to best meet the individual developmental needs of the children in the classroom. Teachers will be able to get down to the child’s level and include experiences that focus on social-emotional, sensory-motor, cognitive development, self-help/problem–solving skills, creative expression, safety, health, and nutrition. Prepare for and conduct regular formal assessments of children’s developmental progress and conduct biannual conversations with parents in fall and spring of each year. Provide opportunities for other informal observational assessments and parent conferences on an on-going basis in order to best indentify individual children’s needs. Develop a positive self-concept in children through interacting with students in a warm and positive manner. Consistently use the Center’s positive child management and guidance techniques. Respect and gain knowledge about the individuality, dignity, and diverse backgrounds of each child. Maintain a spacious, stimulating, educational, safe and clean environment for children. Organize and prepare in advance to ensure consistency in all daily routines, including maintenance of classroom order and planned activities. Oversee classroom in the event of the unexpected absence of team teachers or interruption of scheduled activities or events and adjust programming to provide consistency for large and small groups as needed. Share in the teaching tasks, classroom management and environment, daily notes and communication with parents, program planning, and child assessment as jointly determined by the lead teachers, teaching assistant, and Executive Director. Be alert to signs of illness, developmental lags, and suspected child abuse or neglect, and bring these concerns to the attention of the classroom team and the Executive Director. Report any suspicion of child abuse or neglect directly to Protective Services as mandated by state law. Understand, implement, and comply with Wisconsin Licensing Regulations and NAEYC accreditation criteria, standards, and expectations for child care and education, health, safety, and nutrition. Communicating with parents Act as a primary resource for parent’s concerns by keeping them keep abreast of their child’s daily experiences at the center through Daily Notes and open and honest communication of teacher’s concerns, questions, and anecdotes concerning the child’s day and regarding children’s progress. Refer appropriate issues and parent or teacher concerns to the Executive Director. Insure that parents are informed of room events and procedures, of Center policies, and of incidents of communicable disease as required. To celebrate diversity by encouraging parents and family members to participate and share their knowledge, talents, and cultural traditions with the classroom. Conduct parent-teacher conversations bi-annually and at parent request or if concerns arise. Participate in all parent-staff, center sponsored events. Maintain complete confidentiality regarding all Center children and families. Working with other staff Maintain good working relationships and open communication with other center staff members and delegate and share duties and responsibilities as required. Bring concerns to the attention of all team members and Executive Director as they arise. Assist in providing information and direction to volunteers and Teaching Assistants. Assist Executive Director in evaluations of center staff. Assist in the orientation of new staff members into classroom routines and procedures. Center-wide orientation is provided by administrative staff and includes relevant state regulations, center policies and procedures, and child management techniques. Work cooperatively with all other center staff to maintain, schedule, and request from the Director, sufficient resources for those areas used jointly with other classrooms. Work cooperatively with other Center staff to maintain the organization, state, and cleanliness of center classrooms, common-use areas, equipment, materials, and supplies. Work cooperatively with all Center staff to achieve classroom objectives, maintain staff-to-child ratios in each classroom, and to adhere to state regulations, NAEYC standards, and the Center’s mission goals. Administrative Insure that daily attendance, daily CACFP Point of Service child food count records, medication log book, Accident/Incident Log Book, child emergency contact information, permission slips, sanitation sheets, daily notes to parents, and other forms of classroom record keeping are updated regularly and completed consistently and on time. Maintain supplies and equipment and request from the Director, resources, supplies, and equipment that needs to be replaced or purchased for the continuation of quality care, education, and programming. Participate in staff meetings. Attend board meetings and serve on Center committees if possible. In the absence of administrative staff, assume the responsibility for the center as required by state regulations and as outlined in the “Delegation of Authority” chart. Comply with occupancy requirements set by the First Congregational Church (FCC). Please note, FCC is the landlord for UADC - we are not church affiliated. Professional Growth Participate in bi-annual self-evaluations and, center staff evaluations. Develop and use self-evaluation skills to determine personal growth and performance needs and accomplishments. Complete yearly Professional Development Plans, Center in-services, and related reading to keep abreast of new information regarding state regulations, NAEYC standards, and the early childhood education field. Lead teachers are required to complete 25 hours of professional development each year. To Apply: All applicants should apply with an expected start date of July 5 or sooner if desired. An orientation period and training will follow. Interested parties should submit a resume, cover letter, unofficial transcripts and three references. Job Type: Full-time Salary: $14.00 to $18.00 /hour