About this Service

As families relocate, they are often in need of new child care options and do not know where to begin! As a realtor, you assist families in finding the right home.

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Enhanced Referrals

Enhanced Child Care Referral Services – a true time saver for the family that is settling into a new home!

This service offers your clients a customized and enhanced child care resource and referral service. Experienced 4-C family support services specialists have access to an extensive up to date database of programs for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years.  It includes regulated programs (child care centers, family child care homes, school age programs) as well as other types of regulated child care like summer camps, and preschools within an eleven-county service delivery area.

The family support services specialist pre-screens a list of regulated providers based on specific needs identified by the parent.  The specialist provides information regarding availability, rates and environment.  Child care options are shared with the parent within a few working days of the initial parent contact.  If a limited number of referrals are available, the specialist will contact the parent to discuss other options.

4-C does not recommend, nor endorse a particular individual or program.  Your client receives expert guidance and resources throughout the entire process of selecting a child care program.  With these tools, parents can make informed decisions for choosing the child care program that best meets their needs.

  • The parent calls 4-C directly and identifies himself as your client.

  • A Family Support Services Specialist gathers information from the parent and conducts a search in the referral database for regulated Group Centers and/or Family Child Care homes.

  • The Family Support Services Specialist calls the providers to check for vacancies and asks any additional questions.

  • The cost to you as the realtor is $150 per client per search.

  • The parent receives a packet with detailed child care referrals, information specific to the age of their child, average rate information, and a booklet on selecting quality child care.

On-Site “How to Select Quality Child Care” Workshop

During this one-hour workshop, the 4-C family support services specialists will present on the “how-to’s of child care.” Information will be shared on what type of care is available, average cost of child care, questions to ask and what to look for, and staying involved after the decision is made. Making an informed choice about who will care for their children is one of the most difficult and important decisions a family will make. This free workshop is also included with an Enhanced Referral contract.

Contact the 4-C Referral department for additional details!