Providing Child Care While Staying Home with your Children

Are you currently a stay at home parent looking for a fulfilling way to increase your household income? Consider becoming a certified family child care provider. 

  • Making the decision to work at home as a child care provider isn’t one you should take lightly. Make sure you think about how working in-home will affect your life.
  • Caring for other people’s children in your home may add to your enjoyment and fulfillment of life, as well as your household income.
  • Consider Finances – The decision to stay at home is often a decision based on finances. If you’re already at home, consider how this extra income can help support your family’s finances. Providing quality child care for other families may be a special talent or passion you can use to generate additional income.
  • Have you asked yourself these questions lately? 
    • Would I like to be my own boss?
    • Would I like to increase my family’s income?
    • Would I like to set my own work hours around the needs of my family?
  • Can you provider a nurturing, loving, and safe environment for children to develop and thrive?
  • If you would like to learn more about caring for children in your home, consider attending a free Certification Start-Up meeting at 4-C. At this orientation you will learn more about the application process, preparing your home for certified care and other important aspects of operating a family child care business. Certification applications are distributed at the end of the orientation.
  • After you’ve gathered as much information as possible, you’ll be able to make an informed decision that is right for you and your family.
  • If staying home is your goal, find a way to make it work. It is a decision you will probably never regret. It’s a great gift to give not only you and your family but also the children you care for as well.