Family Child Care - Certification

Start a family child care business in your home with 4-C Certification!
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Welcome to Family Child Care Certification!

  • We assist child care providers with ensuring the health and safety of children in care

  • We help providers succeed in their business practices by offering technical assistance and support

How many children am I allowed to care for if I'm certified?

Certified child care providers may care for up to three children unrelated to them under the age of seven with a group maximum of six children, which includes the providers own children and close relatives under age seven.  More information on number of children allowed in care.

What are the advantages of being certified?

  • Eligible to participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program - earn money by serving the children healthy food!
  • Listed in the 4-C Referral Department database
  • Eligible to care for state-funded child care clients through the Wisconsin Shares program
  • Eligible to participate in YoungStar and receive annual grants to put towards your child care
  • Given access to a wide variety of resources and technical assistance to help you succeed in the business of family child care
  • Able to enhance your professional image as a child care provider