Summer is finally here and school is out. Your school ager is ready for a much needed break from the homework and schedules of school. However, it is important to keep in mind that families play a major role in motivating children to continue reading during these summer months. There are many ways to keep your child interested in reading, it doesn’t always have to be about reading a certain number of pages a day or books a week. It’s summer, so keep it fun and interesting.

Mother And Daughter Reading In Home Made Garden Den
  • Combine books with activities. If you’re travelling to a new city, going to the zoo or sporting event, head to the library and get some books to read about that activity.
  • Have a variety of reading materials around. Newspapers or age appropriate magazines can bring a new interest to reading for your child.
  • If your child loves movies, it might interest him to read the books based on his favorite movies.
  • Visit a comic book shop. Your child may enjoy having the picture sequences and written text or it might inspire them to create their own comic book over the summer.
  • Keep in touch with relatives or friends through post cards, letters or e-mails on a regular basis or with a particular pen pal each week.
  • To avoid summer boredom, get books that teach your child how to make or do something. They can get some reading time in and learn a new fun activity or hobby.
  • Check out your local library as many have fun summer reading programs and this can also be a great time to get your child their own library card.
  • If your child likes to help you cook, have them look for recipes in cookbooks, magazines or online.
  • Be a reading role model. When children see adults reading they can understand that reading can be an interesting, important and enjoyable part of your day.