Business Support for 4-C and Early Childhood

Investing in early childhood is drawing the attention of not only parents, educators and physicians, but also scientists and economists. Studies show:

  • Investments in early childhood development improve the long-run productivity of the workforce, a key o economic growth.

  • Investments in early childhood have a high public return on investment by reducing costs to government and society.

  • A strong child care industry allows parents to enter the workforce and be more productive while at work.

  • The child care industry is a relatively large industry and employer. Furthermore, child care businesses tend to purchase goods and services from other lcoal businesses and employees tend to spend their earnings locally, which stimulate economic activity.

How Can Business Support Early Childhood and 4-C?

  • Download the 4-C Business Fundraising Kit to learn about raising funds to support 4-C early childhood initiatives

  • Be proactive in supporting employee child care needs. Feel free to contact 4-C for ideas or support!

  • Spread the word about the importance of an investment in early care and education. Contact 4-C regarding speaking opportunities.


ReadyNation: Business Leader Actions to Support Early Childhood: A Global Imperative; A Local Opportunity