Correspondence Courses

4-C offers a variety of correspondence courses for child care providers and early childhood professionals available for purchase:

Three Hour Courses ($18/each):

  • Bringing Out the Best in Your Staff for Administrators - LEARN MORE AND REGISTER
    Meaningful recognition of staff is an important tool in preventing staff turn-over in the field of early childhood. If you are interested in learning more about the ways you can recognize and encourage staff who make positive contributions to your program, this is the course for you. The course is full of ideas and inspiration to help you motivate those who work with you.
  • Family Involvement - LEARN MORE AND REGISTER
    Families are powerfully important to the education and development of children. Early learning settings are better able to help children thrive when all of the caring adults in a child's life partner together. Programs that partner with parents not only improve child outcomes, they are able to improve business outcomes. Parents who are partners make contributions of time, interest and sometimes even money into early learning settings.
  • Incorporating SUPERHERO Play into Early Child Care - LEARN MORE AND REGISTER
    Superhero play is often considered an aggressive, rough and tumble type of play that teachers (and parents) discourage quickly, without always considering the benefits. This course will allow participants to explore some of the many benefits to this type of play, while also providing ideas on how to incorporate the play meaningfully into curriculum. Participants will explore their own beliefs and experiences and consider how each relates to their current practices. Let's dive in and take a look at what children are learning while they play "superhero."
  • Pass the Peas Please: Family Style Meals - LEARN MORE AND REGISTER
    Child care providers play a crucial role in helping young children develop healthy eating habits. Meal times and snacks in child care can be great learning opportunities for young children. Children can learn to identify and choose a variety of foods, practice language skills, and build relationships with teachers and other children. This course explores how child care providers can turn meal times into learning experiences by creating a relaxed unhurried environment, and by taking time for conversation and fun, as well as food.
  • Transitions: Planning for Success - LEARN MORE AND REGISTER
    Children in early childhood settings transitions from one activity to another frequently. For some children, transitions result in frustrations and challenging behavior. This course addressed the connection between the number of transitions, the importance of planning transitions, and strategies to help children make smooth independent transitions to reduce incidents of challenging behaviors.
  • Wellness While You Work: Mindfulness - LEARN MORE AND REGISTER
    In a child care, the primary way a young child learns social emotional skills is through interactions with the caregiver. This training is meant to be an introduction to mindfulness and how it relates to social emotional competence in your child care program. It is also meant to help family child care providers comply with Certification Standards and Licensing Rules regarding provider and child interactions and add more meaning to how you structure your child care program.

Two Hour Courses ($12/each):

  • Calendar Time: Up for Debate? - LEARN MORE AND REGISTER
    Let's take a closer look at calendar time! In this training, you will learn: How you can support math development with young children, when children begin to develop the concept of time, and how to teach skills naturally throughout the day in a developmentally appropriate way.
  • Honoring Difference: Diversity in Early Childhood - LEARN MORE AND REGISTER
    In order to build relationships of trust and respect with children and families, we need to first value the differences among families and between home and child care settings. In this training, explore ways that your child care environment and the materials accessible to children can nurture children's ability to see difference as a positive and diversity as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  • Positive Teacher-Child Interactions - LEARN MORE AND REGISTER
    No matter the age of children you work with, the decisions you make regarding the way in which you interact with children will have a significant impact on their social and emotional development over time. This training will focus why positive verbal environments and interactions are key in order for children to feel valued and in turn develop positive feelings about themselves and others.
  • Risky and Adventurous Play - LEARN MORE AND REGISTER
    Consider for a moment the benefits of risk and adventure. What can children learn? How does it make them feel? How does it make you feel? This course allows you to explore those feelings and explains the importance of this type of play for children.

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Once approved, you will be issued a certificate detailing the course and number of continuing education hours earned.

Some courses require access to the internet to view articles and/or videos, but all work can be completed and submitted via email or mail.