Service Options

Child Care Referral Services
Referrals are customized according to the family's general schedule, age of child and locations the parent is willing to search. During this process consultation, information and resources are also shared with the family.

On-Site "How to Select Quality Child Care" Workshop
4-C referral specialists will present on the "how-to's of child care." Information will be shared on what type of care is available, average cost of child care, questions to ask and what to look for, and staying involved after the decision is made. Making an informed choice about who will care for their children is one of the most difficult and important decisions a family will make.

Child Care Development Consultation
Information and on-site consultation to help you identify and develop the child care solutions which are best suited to your business and the needs of your employees.

Child Care Market Profile
An overview of existing local child care resources to assist you in identifying gaps in child care services currently available to your employees.

Employers may contract for individual service options or combine multiple options.

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