Playroom and Sleeping Areas

Playroom and Sleeping Areas

Toy chests should have air holes and a slow-closing lid. If the lid is not slow-closing remove it.

Crib rails should not be more than 2 3/8 inches apart.

Note: If you are using a crib, please see the new CPSC guidelines

Play-pens/pack-n-plays should have mesh siding with holes being less than 1/2 inches. Mesh should not be torn.

Hanging crib toys should be removed before babies are able to pull themselves up.

Infant/toddler furniture should be placed away from dangling objects such as blind cords.

Infants under one year of age shall be placed in a crib or playpen for napping.

If you are providing overnight / 3rd shift care children should be sleeping on something more substantial than nap mats or sleeping bags.