From time to time we can let our emotions get the better of us. However, those who work with children know our emotions can cause things different than we intend. During times of high stress, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself so you can provide the best environment for children in your care. Children are sponges and can easily pick up on your emotions. When you feel anxious, try practicing a few things to relax before it overwhelms you. Here are a few strategies to help de-stress in times of high tension.

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Mindful Breathing

Find a quiet place alone in your daily routine to take five minutes to focus on your breathing and focus on nothing else. If you are with children, ask them to join you for daily quiet time on the floor. Focusing on one sensation helps reduce blood pressure, as well as stress. If the concentrated breathing is not enough to reduce your tension after a few sessions, you may want to consider adding progressive relaxation techniques to your mindful sessions. It is essential that you care for yourself and your well-being first, so that you can be your best for children in your care. You can find more activities to focus on mindfulness for both you and the children in your care on our Pinterest board.


There are many apps and free videos online for simple yoga poses, as well as simple and calming yoga poses for children. All it takes is 15 minutes a day for yoga to decrease stress and improve your concentration and memory. This is a time to focus on your physical and emotional sensations, being mindful of everything you feel. A small bit of exercise never hurts, either!

Free Virtual Workouts

There are many health benefits to exercise other than just aerobic capacity and muscle size. Exercising regularly can have a dramatic positive effect on depression, anxiety and more. Research has shown that even modest amounts can make a difference. Try to focus on activities you enjoy, anything that gets you moving counts. Now, more than ever, connecting with others is important. Thankfully, there are a variety of free virtual workouts available to keep your mind and body active without going to the gym.