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Abusive Head Trauma (AHT) (formerly Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS))

Hours: 2
Format: Virtual or In-Person
Fee: $20

Description: In Wisconsin, all child care providers working with children under the age of 5 are required to take a class on Abusive Head Trauma. AHT includes Shaken Baby Syndrome, injury involving the brain, skull and/or spinal cord which can result from shaking or from inflicting trauma on the head by other means, such as throwing, intentionally dropping, striking, or other forms of impact. Abusive Head

Trauma Prevention Training for Child Care Providers addresses the latest information on:

  • Abusive Head Trauma
  • The Period of Purple Crying
  • Strategies and challenges of soothing
  • Coping with frustration
  • Having a plan and educating others

This course is also offered free online to child care providers through the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families.

Child Abuse and Neglect/Mandated Reporter Training

Description: This training can be taken in a variety of ways.

  1. Contact 4-C training at [email protected] for a personalized group training for staff.
  2. Take the free online Mandated Reporter Training from Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional
    Development System.
    a. This training is 30 minutes and meets the requirement for the Department of Children
    and Families initial and biennial Child Abuse & Neglect Reporting Training requirement.
    b. Access the course here: https://media.wcwpds.wisc.edu/mandatedreporter/
CPR (Infant/Child/Adult) and AED

Hours: 3
Format: In-Person
Fee: TBD

Description: This CPR class covers adult, child, and infant CPR procedures as well as AED (Automated External Defibrillator) use, barrier device usage and relief of choking for all ages. This is a two-year certification. There is no written test but please dress comfortably and be ready for lots of hands-on work. Class size is limited so register early! This class counts for the regulated child care CPR requirement.

COVID UPDATE:  4-C works with great community partners who may be able meet your training needs during our temporary closure. You can reach out to them below (you may need to check with your regulator to ensure the course you’re taking meets the necessary requirements):

Fundamentals of Family Child Care

Hours: TBD
Format: Online Self-Paced
Fee: TBD

Description: This course is currently in process.

Introduction to the Child Care Profession

Hours: 44
Format: Online Self-Paced
Fee: $125

Description: This course provides entry level knowledge and skills for individuals as they begin or intend to care for children in group or family child care. Learners explore rules and regulations governing group and family child care and the responsibilities of child care providers. This course fulfills introductory non-credit course requirements as specified by the Department of Children and Families. This course requires that you complete an Abusive Head Trauma (formerly SBS) class and a Sudden Infant Death Syndrome class. You will need to provide a certificate of completion for these courses. Previously completed SBS and SIDS classes may count.

Skills and Strategies for the Child Care Teacher

Hours: TBD
Format: Online Self-Paced
Fee: TBD

Description: Coming Soon

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Other Sleep Related Deaths

Hours: 1.5
Format: Virtual or In-Person
Fee: $15

Description: The SIDS workshop meets the Department of Children and Families requirements for Certification and Licensing. At the end of the presentation the participant will be able to help reduce the risk of SIDS through consistent implementation of risk reduction strategies and increase awareness of SIDS in the community.

If you are not finding a training you are looking for or if you need assistance, please contact 4-C at [email protected] or 608-271-9181.