All children have good days and not-so-good days.

When the not-so-good days become every day, we’re here to help.

Behavior Help Wisconsin (BHW) assists early childhood care and education providers feeling challenged by the behavior of a child.

We deliver one-on-one coaching so you can have the tools, knowledge, and skills to reduce challenging behaviors and promote positive ones in your program.

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Is there a child in your care you feel…

  • Exhibits frequent and/or extreme challenging behaviors?
  • Takes too much of your attention away from the other children in your care because of challenging behaviors?
  • Is becoming a concern to you and/or the other families you serve?
  • You have tried to help with every trick up your sleeve, but nothing seems to work?
  • You are considering asking the family to leave your program?

If you answered “Yes” to two or more questions, Behavior Help Wisconsin is ready to support you.

The Green Bay Press Gazette reported on the successes of BHW and other similar programs in September 2023. Read the whole piece here

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