It’s the perfect time to update your child’s books as you settle into winter reading and night time stories. From snowmen to cold weather to ice skating and sledding, take advantage of the season to expand their vocabulary. We’ve compiled a list of the best winter books and stories for ages 3-5 years old.

  • The Snowy Day, Ezra Jack Keat
    This classic book from 1962 captures the fascination and wonder of the first snow day of the season. The story follows a young boy named Peter as he enjoys the deep snow in his red snowsuit.
  • Snow, Uri-Shulevitz
    The magic of snowflakes is seen differently in a child’s eyes. This award-winning story follows a boy and his dog as they play in a city transforming under snowfall.
  • The Mitten, Jan Brett
    When a lost mitten is found by woodland creatures, the animals have some silly ideas as to what it could be used for.
  • Cozy, Jan Brett
    Another winter tale from Jan Brett, Cozy follows the story of an Alaskan musk ox with the warmest fur the other animals have ever felt, and clever animals make their seasonal home within the lovable character’s fur.
  • Snowmen at Night, Caralyn Buehner
    This charming story imagines what snowmen get up to at night when no one is watching.
  • How to Catch a Snowman, Adam Wallace
    From the popular How To Catch series, this book takes you on a tour through a winter wonderland as you chase after a snowman.
  • Small Walt, Elizabeth Verdick
    A tiny snowplow and his driver take on a winter blizzard, determined to do their best and clear the roads.
  • A Loud Winter’s Nap, Katy Hudson
    Tortoise usually sleeps through winter, convinced he isn’t missing anything in the cold months, but his friends are determined to show him how fun winter can be.
  • Snow Friends, Margery Cuyler
    Oscar the dog is excited to have fun in the snow, and when he runs outside to play, he finds Daisy, another dog looking for adventures in the snow.
  • Snow Song, A.K. Riley
    Using rhythmic free verse, this children’s book follows a young girl enjoying a beautiful day in the snow.
  • Snoozapalooza, Kimberlee Gard
    Count along with these 10 animals getting cozy before settling down for the chilly winter months.
  • The Joyful Book, Todd Parr
    This enchanting tale encourages readers of every age to find joy in every holiday, celebration, and more.