Correspondence Courses

New Correspondence-Based Continuing Education Opportunities!

Starting October 1, 2013 4-C will offer distance learning opportunities.

All correspondence based workshops are Registry approved and offer 2 to 4 hours of continuing education hours.

Courses will provide:

  • Instruction based on reading materials and assignments
  • Reflection and application of new ideas or practices
  • Opportunities to try new practices in your own program

Courses are $6.00 per continuing education hour.

Topics include:

  • Honoring Diversity
  • Risky and Adventurous Play
  • Wellness While You Work: Mindfulness
  • Calendar Time: Up for Debate?
  • Emotional Literacy
  • Positive Interactions
  • Contracts for Family Child Care
  • More topics introduced each month!

Please view the training calendar to learn more or to order trainings.