Daily Schedule

What happens in a Play and Learn group?

Free Play:  Materials are accessible that encourage development in multiple domains including language and literacy, cognition and general knowledge, physical development and health, social and emotional development and approaches to learning. Play may include (but is not limited to) dramatic play (examples include “playing house,” “working,” and “shopping”); art activities (examples include coloring or collage); sensory activities (examples include play dough and water play); large motor (such as tunnels, jumping, dancing, outside play); fine motor (such as cutting, puzzles and stickers); and reading a variety of books.

Welcome Circle:  Welcome circle promotes social and emotional development and language through stories, discussion, dancing, singing and written name recognition.

Group Activity:  Art or sensory activities such as painting with finger paint, shaving cream or watercolors are common, although we vary the activity every week. This promotes creative arts expression, fine motor skills and language.

Good-bye Circle:  This circle encourages mindfulness, calming down, stretching and relaxing before saying goodbye. These activities promote language, social and emotional development and physical health.