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Since 06/16/2010
Job Information
Category Teachers
Name: Sara Ehrets
Name of Company/Employer First Lutheran Church Stoughton, WI.
Phone 608-873-7761
Department 4-C
Posted 08/05/2019
Job Status
Start Publishing 08/05/2019
Stop Publishing 10/31/2019
Location Description
First Lutheran Church of Stoughton is seeking a part time, DPI certified teacher for an A.M. four year old kindergarten class. The schedule and curricula of First Lutheran’s 4K program is run in conjunction with Stoughton Public Schools. Key responsibilities include: • Creating and implementing lesson plans • Supervising daily activities for the children in the classroom • Supervising a teacher’s aide • Interacting with children and parents • Maintaining the classroom in a clean and orderly fashion • Making sure there are daily 10 minute chapel times with help from clergy and Teaching Assistant (Chapel times are an additional choice for families) • Basic Computer Skills The ideal candidate will have experience with the above responsibilities and at least a BS or BA in early childhood, or an Elementary License that includes Pre-kindergarten or Kindergarten as well as a DPI License.