Submitting Claims

How do I get my Food Program reimbursements?

Once a month providers submit their claim to the 4-C CACFFP for reimbursement. This claim includes records on food served and children in attendance at meals/snacks.

How do I submit a claim?

Claims can be recorded and submitted on paper forms or online.

The online program that 4-C CACFP uses is called This program is a simple and straightforward way to keep track of all your records. It is supported by any internet browser so can be accessed on your computer, your tablet, or your smart phone! You are able to submit your claim with a simple click of a button.

For more information about online claiming check out the following resources:

When is my claim due to the 4-C CACFP office?


How much will I get reimbursed?


REIMBURSEMENT RATE (effective 7/1/20 – 6/30/21)