Program Integrity

Record keeping is an important part of operating an in-home business such as child care and food costs are the most time-consuming part of this task. If you are reluctant to join the Food Program because of the record keeping requirements, realize that you would be required to do most of the same record keeping on your own for business purposes. Without the discipline of having to turn in monthly reports, you may be less likely to keep adequate records and more likely to be unprepared in the event of an IRS audit.

Program Fraud

USDA's Child Nutrition Programs provide healthy meals to more than 25 million children and adults in communities across America. These meals must meet USDA's nutrition standards.

To protect your children, and others who receive the nutrition benefits of these programs, all meal service sites must meet State and local health and safety codes. If you have questions about the meals or snacks that are served, contact a 4-C Nutrition Specialist.

Misuse of program funds, issuance of benefits to households who are not entitled to them, or denial of benefits to those who deserve them, lead to significant losses in program dollars and public confidence. If you are concerned that program funds are misused, contact 4-C.

Program Policies and Procedures

4-C Appeal Procedures

Required Annual Forms