Party Snack Ideas

Football Sandwiches

Getting ready for the Super Bowl? How about making football sandwiches. Cut bread into the shape of a football. Spread bread slice with peanut butter. Add raisins to make the string handgrips of the football. Can be credited as 1 bread + 1 meat alternative on the Food Program.


Ingredients: 1 ½ cups yogurt or cottage cheese, 1 lb. Chopped fruits, optional toppings (nuts, unsweetened cereals, honey or maple syrup).

  1. Put yogurt or cottage cheese in individual bowls.
  2. Add fruits (applesauce, raisins, chopped dates, berries, bananas, etc.)
  3. Top with nuts, cereals, and/or honey or maple syrup (optional).
  • Serves 6 preschoolers or 3 school-age children for snack.
  • Can be credited as 1 meat alternative + 1 fruit on the food program.

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