Online Claiming

 KidKare webapp

Start-Up Guide

Using any internet browser, you can log into the secure KidKare web site and record everything the food program requires in seconds!

You Can Easily:

  • Record Meals
  • Children
  • Pre-plan Menus
  • Print tax reports
  • Find out how much you’ll be paid

Thousands of Providers Record Non-Infant & Infant Meals with KidKare

You can point & click your way to saving a meal in just a few seconds.

Cut down on disallowances!

Using KidKare can help you increase your reimbursements by eliminating errors that could be made when filling in paper forms

Pre-Planning Menus

You can record meals by choosing the foods you’ve served. Or, you can pre-plan your menus ahead of time, which KidKare will check to ensure they meet USDA guidelines!

You can print out menu plans and post them for parents to see.

Enrolling New Children

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. You use the step-by-step child enrollment form while logged in to KidKare.
  2. When finished with the enrollment, you print the child’s enrollment form and have the parent sign it.
  3. Mail the enrollment form to your Sponsor’s offices.

You’ll be able to start claiming these children immediately!

Submitting Your Claim

Don’t hassle with paper forms any more.

When you’re ready to send your claim into your Sponsor, just point & click and you’re done.

If you like, you can print-out your claim for your own records – but you don’t have to! You can always print your claim later, as your information is stored for at least three years and is easily accessible in KidKare.

To start claiming online, email!