Training / Professional Development

Certified providers must complete pre-service child care training and complete 10 hours of continuing education annually. The required entry-level courses for regular certification are:

  • Introduction to the Child Care Profession
  • Fundamentals of Family Child Care
  • Infant/Child CPR (CPR training must result in a certificate of completion. If the certificate of completion does not have a date specifying the length of time for which it is valid, the CPR training must be renewed every year.)

Pre-Service Training - Take courses at agencies listed here

Regularly certified providers must complete ten hours of continuing education annually. The 4-C Training and Quality Improvement Department offers a wide variety of continuing education opportunities throughout the year to help provider meet this requirement; however, providers are not required to take their continuing education at 4-C.


4-C Training Calendar

4-C Food Program Continuing Education (4-C Food Program participants only)

The Registry T-Net Training Network 


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