Becoming a Certified Child Care Provider

The first step in the process of becoming a certified child care provider is to complete a Start-Up Meeting by either participating in person or taking the online Start-Up Meeting cousrse. 

Once you have completed the Start-Up Meeting, you will receive an application packet which will include:

  • 4-C Certification Application
  • Background Information Disclosure Forms (BIDs) for yourself, any household member 12 year of age and older, and any substitutes or assistants
  • Landlord Permission Form (only for those who live in a residence that is rented)
  • TB test form
  • W-9 form

Applications will be processed when we receive all of the forms listed above (filled out completely) and a $75 non-refundable application fee. 4-C will contact you if there is any missing paperwork or concerns.

Please note: If you wish to be eligible to receive Wisconsin Shares subsidy payments or you have lived out of the state within the past 3 years, fingerprint background checks will be required. This applies to yourself as well as any individuals living in the home ages 18 and older.

Applications typically take 30-60 days to process.

If your application is processed and approved, a Certification Specialist will contact you to schedule a home visit. Home visits occur at least once a year and can be announced or unannounced. Certification is granted for two years (unless revoked or surrendered). Every two years providers are required to fill out a renewal application and pay a $50 renewal fee.