As COVID-19 restrictions loosen throughout the world, we still have to learn how to continue to shop safely. The lifting of social restrictions and high vaccination rates mean shoppers are more comfortable going out and visiting physical stores, but they also mean that people are out socializing more than before. This means people are more likely to be potentially exposed to risks of contracting COVID-19. Even as there are different messages about the danger posed by the coronavirus at any given time, it’s at least clear that this suite of precautions will remain important for a long time. Now more than ever, it’s important to devise safe practices to continue grocery shopping.
Here are some ways to continue to protect yourself and others while you shop.

Shop as infrequently as possible.  Use your trips wisely to purchase essential items that you need. It’s not necessary to visit the grocery store every day.

• Shop at off-hours.  Shopping in the early morning before work or late evening will allow you to safely shop without the rush of other shoppers at the peak grocery shopping times.

• Create a grocery list.  This will ensure you are only going for what you need and not wasting time browsing the aisles of the store. Even without COVID, a grocery list will let you stick to what you need and not buy unnecessary items.

Wash your hands before and after shopping.  This should be common practice with or without COVID. Always ensure proper hygienic practices in your daily routine.

Only touch items you’re putting in your cart.  Don’t pick through every piece of produce or grab a product to look at it then to only put it back on the shelf. Take note of the items you’re shopping for, look for them, and only touch what you need.

Maintain physical distancing.  By maintaining the 6-feet between you and other shoppers and being mindful when someone is in the same aisle as you, you can have comfort in your shopping experience. Try to avoid being in close proximity with other people in an enclosed area.

Shop Alone.  Going to the grocery store doesn’t need to be an event. Shopping alone will ensure you are productive and you are less likely to expose or be exposed to catching COVID. If you are part of a family, it’s best to designate one person to go shopping. If you are taking care of a child and don’t have access to childcare, try to do your shopping as quickly as possible following the other safe practices and consider ordering grocery pickup or delivery to be as safe as possible.

Order Pickup / Delivery  Many stores are offering online ordering with pickup and/or delivery. You can add whatever is on your grocery list to your cart, checkout and you have the option to have your groceries contactless delivered to your door, or you can park at the store in a designated spot and your groceries will be brought out to your car. This is a great way to minimize risk.
Following these best practices will help protect you and those around you from potential exposure to COVID. While restrictions are loosening, we are still in a pandemic and we should do our due diligence to protect ourselves and our community.

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