Sensory Table Ideas

  • Some of the many items to have in your table include: sand, water, dry beans, rice or pasta, snow, leaves, cotton balls, dirt, straw, plastic grass, bird seed, cornmeal.

  • Extend the play by adding/changing the props in the table. Some examples of props include: small animals or people, cars, small blocks, a ramp, shovels, containers to fill and dump, sieve, paper towel and toilet paper tubes, spoons, scoops, pots and pans, molds.

  • When using water monitor the children closely, it is possible for a child to drown in a very small amount of water. Try sink or float experiments. Wash the plastic babies or other toys. Add something to the water such as ice cubes, food coloring, or dish soap to blow bubbles with straws. Be sure to have the children wash their hands before and after using the water table.

  • When using water or other messy items, have the children wear smocks and be sure to change the water frequently.

  • Take your sensory table outside.

  • Change the materials inside your table to meet the children’s interest.