Outdoor Science and Nature

  • Put up a rain gauge to register amounts of rainfall. In your science area, create a graph recording monthly amounts of rainfall.

  • Take a pair of binoculars outside with you to do some “wildlife watching.” Create an observation chart.

  • Place a thermometer in a shady spot and a sunny spot on your playground. Notice the difference in the temperatures.

  • Set a birdfeeder and a birdbath near your playground area. Watch and record what wildlife is drawn to the water and food source.

  • Adopt or plant a tree on the playground. Create a book by taking pictures and adding examples of the leaves throughout the different seasons.

  • Set up an outdoor art center: Leaf and bark rubbings, painting with pine boughs and nature collages.

  • Plant a garden: Remember the seeds that you saved from last year? Plant them in the spring, record and measure their growth.